History of Three Elms Golf Course

When Owners Ed and Janet Larson decided to sculpt some land into a golf course on the SE side of Independence, there were virtually no trees on the site except for the line marking the NW edge of the property. Today, there are an abundance of trees and the course overlooks the beautiful Three Elms Park.

Since the golf course was located on Three Elms Park Road and the course background views Three Elms Park, the natural name that came about was Three Elms Golf Course. To symbolize three elms, the course features three American elm trees planted on each of the nine tee-offs. The majority of the American elm trees were lost several years ago to the Dutch elm disease. After much research, the Larson’s were able to locate a new hybrid American elm tree in the state of Oregon.

Construction of the golf course began in 1997, and the Larson family built the golf course themselves. Ed and Janet co-own Larson Construction Company, Inc.

We have been open since July of 2000. We pride ourselves on our mission statement.

Mission Statement
Our mission at Three Elms Golf Course is to provide our customers with a beautiful, challenging and well-kept golf course. We want to provide service with a smile and make our patrons feel welcome so they will want to come back again and again!