Course Map & Rules

Local Rules
• USGA Rules govern all play.
• Metal spikes are not allowed.
• Fix ball marks, replace all divots, and rake all sand traps.
• Out-of-bounds: perimeter fencing or white stakes.
• Yardage markers: 200 blue, 150 white, 100 red.
• No trespassing on neighbor’s property.
• No golf carts allowed within 30 feet of the green.
• Water hazard: yellow stakes.
• Lateral water hazard: red stakes.
• Groups of 4 only.

Sign In
Just a reminder: It is very important that EVERY GOLFER sign in. Season pass holders will be required to sign in with an assigned number which will be given at the time of season pass purchase.

Score Card
Course Rating/Slope: Blue Tees – 67.2/119, White Tees – 66.2/118


Three Elms Course Map
Click the image below to see a larger view of the course map.

Three Elms Golf Course Map